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Heather Rauh

Heather Rauh
Founder & the Realtor

I'm obsessed with next-level negotiations, numbers, and seeing my clients build real wealth by strategically exiting hard assets. 

I believe the true art of building wealth is kind, smart, steady, and worth EVERYONE'S time.  It doesn't matter if you own 30 properties or you are considering buying your first property, there is always more to learn.  And a chance to increase your fortunes. 

The "Why" behind the creation of Sell Rich.
I believe that Sellers deserve better.
Sellers deserve a realtor that brings more to the table than a fancy license and access to legal paperwork.

Sellers deserve an expert negotiator that brings tactics and skills to the transaction.

I was determined to be that expert.

I wanted more for my Sellers:  More money.  More time.  Less stress.

The solution was not out there.  It isn't.   So I created it.

My Sell Rich method is a clear representation of my skills to know when and HOW to maintain negotiation power for the Seller.

This sets me apart from other real estate agents.

The Sell Rich method is the result of combining:
  • my hard-earned experience of fiercely representing Buyers and Sellers
  • my college insight into shifting power and leveraging assets;
  • my love of problem-solving;
  • my relentless pursuit to excel.
Oh, and I'm a "numbers nerd," obsessed with getting my Sellers more money.
The day-to-day.

I am a...

  • thought leader
  • entrepreneur
  • investor
  • wife
  • mother
  • gardner
  •  and beach lover.  {Yep! Corny, but true.}

Humans are complicated, fascinating, and creative. 

I'm excited to meet you and create more tangible wealth in your life so you have the extra resources you want to live your best life.

Sell Rich Mission


My mission is to double the net worth of Oregon homeowners by maxing out their real estate profits.


I am the authority in selling rich.  Enough said!

Listing Experts
Sell Rich Delievers on the Mission of Sell Fast

How We Deliver on the Mision

I help Oregon homeowners sell rich with fast, stress-free sales by strategically prepping the property and controlling the leverage during the sale.