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Why Sell Rich Method Was Born: Part 1

My Story

At the start of my real estate career, I worked mainly with Buyers.
It took smart, aggressive moves to win home purchases for my clients in a competitive marketplace. Luckily my years of competing in debate at the college-level prepared me well for this challenge.
I repeat. It takes a competent Buyers' agent and coachable client to win the opportunity to purchase a house when there is stiff competition.
This is important to realize because if a Seller has multiple offers on their place, then the best offer is most likely written by a great agent.
Thus, as the Seller, you want an extra great agent yourself. If you don't it will cost you 20K easily. And that is just what you can see.
On another note, in recent years I switched to working mainly with Sellers.
I used to believe, along with everyone else, that representing Sellers was easy in a tight marketplace.
The gravy job. Hard to screw-up.
I thought this because lots of Sellers had several Buyers trying to woo them. From offering them extra money, promising to "be reasonable" with repairs, and even sending love notes to the Sellers. It looked like the Sellers had it made.
And thus, the Sellers' realtor also had it made.
Oh man! Was I WRONG.
It takes WAY more skill to represent a Seller AND protect their valuable asset.
The painful truth is that most real estate brokers represent the Seller, but DO NOT protect the Sellers' asset.
I repeat. The agents represent the Seller, but do not safeguard the Sellers' most valuable hard asset. Their house.
Most listing agents have gotten lazy and complacent. For example...
The agents do the classic: put a sign in the yard, take professional photos, then tell you they are going to put the photos "all over the internet." (this is where they expect you to be WOWED)
Eyeroll. Old news. Everyone does this.
The agent then takes the offers, presents them to the Seller, everyone signs lots of paperwork, AND THEN the Sellers get their a** handed to them during the inspection period with a repair list as long as their arm.
Oh, and all of the repairs need to be completed in a few short the same time you are preparing to move...
Please and thank you.  Sincerely,
The Buyers of Your Not So Precious House.