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Aren't all realtors the same?
We all know that feeling you get when meeting someone new and learning he or she is a real estate agent...CRINGE.

You immediately start talking about everyone you have ever met who is, or was, a real estate agent because you want to make it clear that you "have a realtor."

Why do people do this?

People do this because they don't want to feel obligated to hire an acquaintance or family friend to represent them in the biggest financial transactions of their lives.

They do this because the greasy, car salesman stereotype about realtors exists for a reason.  I've met them.

Everyone wants to buy and sell, but no one, NO ONE, wants to feel pushed to work with someone they didn't choose.

...especially if it involves (1) a lot of money, (2) a big life change, and (3) a heap of guilt for not choosing your cousin's boyfriend to be your real estate broker.

So I would argue...Yes, I'm right.  Not all real estate agents bring the same value to the table.

Sadly many of them care more about making a quick buck than protecting you because their personal finances are reflective of the paycheck-to-paycheck desperation that plagues much of our culture.

It is unfair to ask a real estate agent to truly think clearly and with your best interest in mind when they are preoccupied with how they are going to pay the bills this month.
No one thinks clearly under that kind of pressure.  No matter how kind, hard-working, or selfless they might be as an individual. 
What are the benefits of the Sell Rich method?
  1. Eliminate unnecessary pre-market confusion
  2. Maximize sales prices
  3. Dramatically improve Buyers' potential offers
  4. Minimize repair negotiations

It is my strong belief that Sellers have the most to lose and gain in a real estate transaction.

Thus, Sellers need...

  1. a proactive realtor who thinks ahead,
  2. prepares clients to leverage their assets,
  3. and maximize their earnings.

In short, you are not using my Sell Rich method, you ARE leaving cash on the table.

Sell Rich sounds easy, can't any real estate agent do this?

When laid out clearly as I have done, the Sell Rich method appears simple, right?

It is...because I have made it so. 

Simple because I created a clear plan to create more wealth for you.  Simple, but NOT easy.

The principle of building wealth is simple too.

Make more than you spend, and invest the remainder. 

Simple...but clearly not easy, or a lot more people would have built life-changing wealth by now.

The important takeaway here is that real simplicity exists where a highly skilled professional crafts it.

This is what separates the industry experts from the amateurs.

The ability to take a complex problem and then create a winning solution.

So no.  Not just any realtor can do this for you.  And I don't know of any other realtor that does.

Does the Sell Rich method cost money upfront?

Yes.  There is an upfront fee for this proprietary service.

Book a consult to discover if the Sell Rich method is a good fit for you.

Does paying a fee upfront really make sense when selling my home?

Selling a home is an expensive process already.

There are repairs to be made (many that have been put off for years), moving trucks to rent, your next house to buy, and obviously the realtor fees.

This is why I made the Sell Rich method a no-brainer investment.

If you take my Sell Rich method and choose me as your real estate broker, then I will absorb the upfront fee of the Sell Rich method into my listing commission.

So even though you will be getting far more value through my program, in the end, it won't cost you more in fees than hiring any other real estate broker.

Like I said, no brainer.