Heather Rauh


OFFICE: 971-315-4773


I'll ask a lot of upfront questions. With that information we will set attainable goals and timelines. Next I'll help you make a sound buying or selling decision with the following services: apply my market and neighborhood knowledge to your situation, recommend trustworthy contacts such as mortgage brokers or professional photographers, establish competitive marketing strategy to help sell your property, and I'll work as your professional advocate at all times.

Throughout the entire process you can count on me to meet deadlines, and keep you informed of your status – I would rather you get too much communication from me than not enough. My goal is to meet your needs, and to create a straightforward and enjoyable real estate experience.

For those short on time, I'll summarize my review to say |Agent_Name| is unquestionably the best real estate broker I've had the opportunity to work with. I work in real estate as a project manager, I've owned and sold numerous residential and commercial properties over the last 10 years, and throughout these experiences |Agent_Name| stands out as exceptional. If you're looking to buy or sell a house, WORK WITH |Agent_Name|!