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"Selling your house is not a chore.
It is an opportunity to escalate your wealth."

- Heather Rauh

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Heather Rauh,
The Realtor & Founder of Sell Rich

I'm a wealth builder.  My deep desire to magnify the wealth of those around me.  Starting with leveraging your largest personal asset - your house!

I create tax-free cash for West Coast homeowners that want to sell rich.

Check out my about page to learn more.

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At Sell Rich, we are about your Profit and your Time.

At Sell Rich, we take your valuable asset seriously.

We want to maximize your profit


protect your valuable time.

Built with the Seller in mind.

I believe Sellers have the most to gain & lose in a real estate transaction.

Which is why I created the Sell Rich method so that Sellers would be able to...

Get Clarity

Clarity is POWER.

It cuts through the fluff, allowing you to focus on what matters when preparing your home for sale.

Build a Strategy with
the Experts

Ever wish you could pick the brain of an exceptional real estate agent so you knew what to repair, replace and leave?

We leave no room, house system, or feature out in the strategic plans we co-create with our clients.

Create Extra Profits

Executing the Sell Rich method and listing the exclusive Sell Rich way adds extra cash to your bank account.

"Heather is great! We listed our house at the beginning of the covid craziness. She explained everything and answered all our questions. When we were worried about how long it was taking she was a calming force that helped us through this process."
- Denise Kelley, Seller